This is the video I watched over the weekend. It was directed by DREW DAYWALT, he directs short horror films and if you’ll check his other scary short films you’ll see the consistency of the videos by looking at the appearance of the ghost. 


Drew Daywalt

He is a Director, Producer and a Writer. He wrote 5 stories from the TV series Timon and Pumbaa and Directed Arnold Schwarzenegger: A VH1 Popumentary andStark Raving Mad.

He is now my idol! :)


This painting is oil-based paint.

I painted it for our Traditional Drawing and Design subject. This painting reminds me of grade school where I used to draw the earth and I would be so proud of it. Now, I can paint using oil-based paint and it was really hard. So here it is, the only I am proud of Earth and Mars.

So this is the leave behind/self-promo I made for my business, Style and Prints, a shirt printing business that I’m busy with right now. The kit includes a free sample shirt or a catalouge of shirt designs that are already available for print, An envelope with a letter inside, stickers and my business card.

This is just a mock up. Once I make a new one I’ll improve the colors inside coz it’s all white and it looks kinda dull. I’ll make it more exciting and very catchy to the eye so when the company looks at it they’ll get interested and eventually they’ll get the Style & Prints.

What is lettering?

Lettering can be simply defined as “the art of drawing letters” with a specific combination of letterforms crafted for a single use and purpose as opposed to using previously designed letters as components, as with typography. Often lettering is hand-drawn, with pens, graphite or brushes, although some people start their work directly in Adobe Illustrator. Engraving and similar arts are related to lettering.

"typography is not lettering, lettering is not typography"